Based in Los Angeles, Nathaniel Morgan is an award-winning composer whose work spans a wide creative and commercial spectrum.  From 2005 until 2010 he worked as a staff composer for Elias Arts, with whom he was awarded the First Boards Award in the Best New Composer category in 2007 and an AICP Award in the Best Original Music category for the Audi "Living Room" commercial in 2009.

Having composed original music for brands such as Visa, Budweiser, Audi, Nike, and Infiniti, Nate's writing encompasses every genre, from rock, to hip hop, to experimental electronic, to orchestral.  His advertising work has aired during several Super Bowls, the 2008, 2010, and 2012 Olympic Games, and the 2009 US Presidential Inauguration.

Nate's film credits include work on Pathfinder (2007), Fighting (2009), and A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints (2006).  In 2010 he completed his first solo full-length score for the documentary Raw Faith which had its debut at that year's Nashville Film Festival.  The festival awarded Raw Faith the Nashville Public Television's Human Spirit Award, and Nate's score received critical acclaim.  He has since worked closely with fellow LA composer Toby Chu on the widely popular TV series' Burn Notice and Covert Affairs.

Nate holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music with a focus on Percussion Performance from Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH.  He can also be heard around Los Angeles playing drums with his rock bands TAXI and LOST MARAUDERS.